Emojis in newsletters

Add emotion to your communications!


Do you know the 7 / 38 / 55 rule ?

  • It suggests that 7% of communication is verbal, 38% is vocal and 55% is visual.

So what are you waiting for? Add an emoji to the end of each sentence to add emotion to your texts? The sad truth is, it’s not that simple!

The 7 / 38 / 55 rule remains an indication of the communicative power of these little illustrations, which should be used in moderation, knowing that their use is double-edged.

Emojis: a guaranteed asset?

Should you include or avoid emojis in your newsletters?

You use emojis when texting, but is it the right thing to do when creating newsletters? Do you have the same relationship with your subscribers as you do with your friends?

Of course, we would advise you to avoid the “poop emoji”, but you can use the other illustrations for different purposes. However, you should be aware that they have both advantages and disadvantages.

So, should you use emojis in your commercial newsletters?

Their strengths:
Their weaknesses:

The above table clearly answers the question “Should I use emojis?”, doesn’t it? Not necessarily, since “it depends” on your niche market, target audience, where you position your emojis and how many of them you use.

Keep in mind that your subscribers have varying expectations of the atmosphere that emanates from your newsletters. You can certainly grab their attention in the inbox, resulting in a higher open rate, but you can also increase your unsubscribe rate.

In short, integrating emojis into your newsletters involves responsibility.

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What you must know before using emojis

The strategic positioning of emojis

The placement of your emojis is crucial! In general, an emoji at the end of the subject line gives slightly better results. Throughout the newsletter, we recommend using emojis only at the end of sentences. In addition, use only one (1) or two (2) emojis per paragraph.

If you have a good reason to add emotion to your message with an emoji, go for it! Otherwise, use them in moderation, experiment and analyze your results!

And what about accessibility?

Emojis are interpreted by voice readers. Thus, emojis can make your messages lose their meaning if you don’t position them in the right places: “Hello Christian. Have you heard about our ‘smiley face with hearts’ promotion…”.

Favour ends of sentences so as not to interrupt your message. Finally, choose only emojis that match your message.

Do not fear spam filters

If you are a veteran email marketer, you may be avoiding emojis by fear of spam filters. You should know that this fear, once justified, does not affect deliverability anymore.

Using emojis judiciously and legitimately will not set off any alarms. The filters are now equipped to recognize that you are a reputable sender, regardless of emoji use.

Take the time to make the right choices!

Ideas that satisfy all requirements!

Displaying emojis in your newsletters is a double-edged strategy. You can boost your metrics with the right use, or damage your overall newsletter campaigns.

In a digitalized world, you need to handle visual expressions with care. Will you be able to boost your metrics with these emotional little guys? Use your creativity, but keep in mind that the proper use of emojis must be mastered!

1. Vary their usage in email subject lines

2. Use the right emojis

3. The benefits of scarcity

Experimenting: a necessity

Visual rendering in different inboxes

In 2024, all major inboxes support emojis, but two (2) factors remain to be considered:

  1. Emoji rendering is not the same everywhere, sometimes to the point of no longer recognizing our basic emoji.
  2. Some special emojis are not supported everywhere. You therefore need to check the rendering in all inboxes.

Taking the pulse of your audience

You can never perfectly predict how your subscribers will respond to emojis. If they are not appropriate, you want to know before you send to your entire database.

To do this, use A/B testing, which allows you to send different objects to sub-groups of your contacts. Then you can send the option that performed best to your remaining subscribers.

Keeping track of your results

Your audience is multidimensional, including its views on emojis. With the right experts, you can implement techniques to separate your contacts according to how they feel about emojis (or any other element of your campaigns!), to enjoy the benefits of targeted email marketing.

Some expert tips for an optimal usage of emojis

You have learned about all there is to know about emojis in newsletters. By maximizing their use, they have the power to change the way your newsletters are interpreted!

Look ahead and perfect your emails with these additional tips:


A thoughtful choice of emoji

It’s important to select emojis that resonate with the tone of your message.

The most popular emojis are not necessarily the most effective.


Coherence with your brand

The emojis you select must be consistent with your brand image and graphic guidelines.

Define the limits of emoji use that your brand must not exceed.


In harmony with the subject

Your newsletters need to have a clear objective, and the emojis need to align with it.

Do your emojis cover multiple emotions without being out of sync with the content? This may be a sign that your newsletter is too long, and that some parts of it will be missed. Do not hesitate to simplify your emails by increasing the frequency with which you send them.

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