Data processing and custom development

Today, companies are increasingly aware of the importance of data processing, especially as the volume of data is becoming more and more significant. Many of our clients are faced with the problem of building and managing databases, which often seems to be a huge task.

In the industry, there’s more and more talk about Big Data, Analytics 2.0 and now Small Data. Businesses are inundated with data that is growing at a rate of 35 to 50% each year, but are unable to exploit it. So companies need to find the perfect equilibrium between the quality of solutions and the quantity of data, as shown by the S-curve of Peter Norvig, Google’s director of research.

Google's Peter Norvig S-curve

In the first part of the curve, we have too little data. The quality is insufficient to exploit them.

In the middle of the curve, there’s the perfect amount of data to learn from their use.

In the last part of the curve, we have too much data. It’s no longer useful to accumulate them because their information does not lead to anything new and therefore does’nt improve the quality of the data.

In companies, there are two types of data:

  • Structured data : Many organizations have redundant applications and databases, which adds to the cost of data storage and makes it more difficult and expensive to access. Ideally, this data should be collected and stored only once.
  • Unstructured data: Documents, images, video and email make up the largest share of existing data in the majority of organizations and account for most of the growth in the amount of data.

The majority of SMEs store them unprocessed just to keep archives because they have no idea how to extract information from them. This data needs to be transformed into information to assist decision making in organizations. In this context, a growing number of companies rely on external suppliers to ensure the security, reliability and cost-effectiveness of their data storage.

This is why we offer this service, which is a data management support service including the development of interfaces for the capture and transfer or synchronization of data between existing applications in companies.

Project conducted for energy brokers

To make their clients’ investments grow, brokers seek to buy energy at the lowest possible price and sell it at the highest possible price. Since the weather has a direct impact on energy consumption, it’s therefore important for them to have access to weather forecasts in order to make their brokerage decisions.

Before giving us the mandate to help them, they would manually retrieve the data and use Excel files to do their analyses. The time required to retrieve the information was therefore very long, and as a result, they were often satisfied with only one source of information. Working this way, it was also difficult to retrieve the data in detail, for example for a very specific time period of one or two hours and at a specific location.

We have thus developed a data processing application that automatically retrieves all data from several sources of information and transcribes them into graphics that allow brokers to make comparisons. They can now make faster and more informed decisions thanks to this computer application that we developed specifically for them according to their needs.

At ADNETIS, we carry out custom application development projects if you have specific IT needs to help you manage your business more efficiently.