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Simplified newsletters this summer


Although summer is associated with a well-deserved break, newsletters don’t go on vacation. Instead, this is an opportunity to rethink your strategies and simplify your newsletters to match the slowdown while keeping your subscribers engaged.

Let’s see why it’s crucial not to put everything on pause for months and learn how to simplify campaigns while maintaining a consistent standard of quality!

We'll see you in September... REALLY?

What is the impact of radio silence over the summer?

Taking a sustained break of more than thirty (30) days would have a negative impact on your results and your relationship with your subscribers. Indeed, an unjustified interruption, even during the summer, can lead to major impacts that extend beyond the summer period.

The main potential impacts are :




What's the balance between a break and discipline?

Keep it simple without being simplistic

The state of mind of your subscribers changes when it’s hot outside. In Quebec, it’s inevitable!

They spend less time than usual reading you. You need to focus on simpler, less demanding campaigns to deal with contacts who are thinking about the vacations.

You need to preserve the visual appeal of your newsletters, but create shorter content to reduce your production time while meeting the need for consistent delivery. Generally speaking, you should stay away from complex multi-newsletters campaigns based on data analysis.

There are many advantages of newsletters simplicity:

Increase in

A straightforward newsletter is more conducive to direct contact and is easier to read if the texts are concise and well-organized.

Capitalize on

La simplicité d’une communication épurée fera ressortir l’essence des appels à l’action visant à atteindre les objectifs visés.

Enhance the

Optimizing the content of a newsletter will increase its deliverability to spam filters, as there is simply less chance of being intercepted.

Get ideas to simplify this summer?

Practical measures to put into action

Simplifying doesn’t mean sacrifice! You have to be meticulous in your cutting techniques… which sounds simpler than it is. And yes… the task of cutting can be time-consuming.

Here are a few strategies to make your summer newsletters simpler:

1. Go at your own pace

Establish your stress-free communication rhythm for the period from July 1 to the end of August.

All you need to do is:

Don’t overdo it, and do it modestly. Give yourself a break to think about your future strategies, and don’t spend all your energy creating complex newsletters. You also have the right to a vacation during this period!

2. Keep your style

The consistency of your visual identity needs to be reflected in your summer newsletters, especially in July.

Do NOT try to:

Visual consistency will reduce your effort, and is good for refreshing the memory of holiday-minded readers. Save the launch of your new campaigns for autumn!

3. Be straight forward

And yes… it’s much easier to add content than to remove it. You are sometimes your own worst enemy!

You should set your own limits:

Keep in mind that your texts may not be read as much as usual, because your recipients simply have other hobbies to occupy their time.

Save yourself for autumn!

4. Minimize fine-tuning

Work ahead of time, planning images to support your layout. A tactic to be deployed all year round, but especially in summer!

Avoid the following actions:

Don’t forget that even small changes can disrupt readability and user experience, depending on the environment used. Changes can cause delays in your publication schedule.

The idea of outsourcing outsourcing for simplicity and excellence

Not easy to simplify

There’s a fine line between simplifying your newsletters and not taking care of your brand, which can lead to results completely opposite to what was intended. Certain tasks, such as ideation, content creation and quality validation, will take a considerable amount of time to execute properly, whether the newsletter is simple, recurring or complex.

Outsourcing to newsletter experts can be an effective solution!

These professionals can help you in all these areas:


Editorial calendar

Share your logistical concerns to establish the ideal publication schedule.

Work together to develop mailing sequences based on your target market.

Relay generic newsletters months in advance.


Newsletter design

Don’t do it all yourself. Call on experts in their fields of expertise.

Refer to real graphic designers for simple, yet up-to-date newsletters.

Use integrators’ concepts to make your newsletters look good everywhere.


Advanced options

Work on the dark mode aspect of your mobile newsletters with the experts.

Seek the expertise of integrators to display different images for mobile.

Consider optimizing the deliverability of your newsletters, no matter how simple they may be.

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