What does your recipients want to see in a marketing email?



Obviously, recipients want to see their first name, but their expectations are even higher when it comes to dynamic content based on the recommendation of products related to their previous purchases.

It’s also one of the most targeted forms of communication. An April 2018 study by Evergage and Researchscape International found that email marketing was by far the most used communication channel in terms of personalization by marketers, cited by 71% of the surveyed experts.

The reason: Recipients provide information or solicitations preferences.

No wonder email campaigns are the favorite communication tool for marketers. But despite these factors, the art of personalization remains complex. Why? Consumers have high demands on the content of the emails they receive and unfortunately marketing strategists have difficulty keeping up with these requirements.

According to a consumer survey conducted by Fresh Relevance and YouGov in May 2018, 35% of respondents do not believe that using their first name in an email is important. As a result, the 76% of marketers who use the name display in an email will be disappointed to learn that this action is not enough.

In short, recipients expect this type of email display to be common use in 2018 and seek a higher level of customization. This request is quite legitimate, since after all … they have reported their preferences of solicitations when subscribing to the newsletter.

So, what do consumers want to see in the emails they receive?

The answer: product recommendations based on past purchases or articles viewed online. This is obvious, since this request was made by a quarter of respondents (26%) who said it would be interesting for marketers to recognize the purchase of an item to someone else.

In contrast, about one-third of consumers said they would avoid shopping at merchants who recommended irrelevant items (Bazaarvoice survey: January 2018).

In short, it’s necessary to manage lists of emails in relation to the requests of the subscribers and not to dispatch promotions on every door steps. Attitudes towards email marketing are very different depending on the type of products and services you promote. For example, 32% of respondents to the January survey said they might think twice if a clothing and accessories retailer recommended hats when they were interested in shoes.

Only 25% of digital buyers in this survey said emails suggesting products based on past purchases were helpful. We understand this statement since they have already bought the product in question.

So what content do you need to send to your subscribers?

As a first step, we recommend managing mailing lists based on the interests of consumers. Then, send content that is relevant to past purchases without necessarily promoting the same product.

If you are a clothing retailer, take note of the of your clientele gender. Avoid sending promotions on dresses to men. If your customer bought 3 ties, promote pants. He already bought 3 ties. In short, find automated mass mailing methods focused on the actual store sales. Act as your best salesman, but massively using customization.

You ain't alone !

Recent surveys tell us that it’s difficult to bring up relevant recommendations to subscribers. Only 12% of marketers said they were “very” or “extremely” satisfied with their level of personalization. And 77 percent said personalization should be a higher priority in their business, up 5.5 percent from 2017.

Do not hesitate to call our email marketing specialists. A study of your needs can leave room for the creation of personalized communication strategies!

Source: eMarketer.com

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