Are your newsletters looking good everywhere?


Do you know if your email campaign is received on Gmail our Outlook? Will browsers display your content the right way? Is the HTML contained in your newsletters optimized for all email inboxes?

So many things to look at before sending your email campaign! Our specialists will handle the multiplatform optimization of your newsletters before you send them out!

Do your subscribers see the same thing as you?

You have completed your newsletter creation and you are satisfied with the final visual result. Ready to go out, you send it to your mailbox and the visual elements are positioned differently than the original. It’s frustrating! Why don’t you see the same thing as in your newsletter design tool? In fact, you have designed your newsletter in a working environment that may differ from the inbox.

Did you build your newsletter using the Chrome browser, version 75? Is the result the same if you use Firefox, version 67 or 68? At the moment, you are looking at your Gmail inbox online with Internet Explorer! As a result, you are no longer in the same working environment as you originally built your newsletter in. Browsers use technologies which are different from others and interpret your email code in different ways.

You must keep in mind that your subscribers are not necessarily all in the same working environment. There are many possibilities and the risk that your newsletters will not look all the same is relatively high. While your newsletter could only contain an image to preserve the full visual rendition, you would have other problems that are much larger than your current image alignment.

In short, using a clean HTML language is crucial for the final rendering of your newsletters in the different browsers and inboxes.

Why do you want to make sure that your emails fit all inboxes!

Each of your subscribers is potential customer. You should not neglect any! You don’t know in what environment your email will be received and in marketing, anyone who looks at your business should distinguish the professionalism of your communications. Don’t let technology interfere with your branding!

In short, you have new subscribers or new customers. Don’t disappoint them with an email that could be “all wrong” visually! Your newsletters must strike your target market with skill. In short, your visuals and your text layout must be based on an HTML optimized for all situations in order to make sure that any subscriber is not left in the dark..

What is a multiplatform optimization?

Multiplatform optimization is the art of creating newsletters that use clean HTML that is most likely to be interpreted the right way by major Canadian browsers and inboxes.

It involves identifying subscribers environments, performing tests and adjusting situations before the final sending of an newsletter.

Common problems are:

These issues seem irrelevant?

See what we are referring to:

Multiplatform optimization is a great addition to your email marketing campaign. It allows you to avoid surprises before your final newsletter’ sending.

Let's work together

At ADNETIS, we use advanced HTML optimization techniques to ensure newsletter content is optimal. Then we perform a battery of tests in the main browsers and inboxes. If necessary, our specialists adjust and change certain elements of the newsletter to ensure optimal marketing delivery.

ADNETIS offers you three (3) working methods to optimize your newsletters for your subscribers who use different environments to check their emails. Each of them is personalized to your needs according to your situation.

« Do it yourself » method

Do you use our solution in “self-service” mode? Do you design your newsletters regardless of other inboxes environments? Ask us for our opinion on the multiplatform aspect of your creation before you send out your newsletter to everyone. We will quickly study the rendering of your newsletter. If applicable, our specialists will raise the red flag before it’s too late!

« Do it with us » method

The multiplatform optimization of your newsletters seems complex, or you just don’t have time to take care of it? Trust us with multiplatform optimization! Our specialists will study your newsletter using advanced systems to view your newsletter in different environments and adjust the HTML of your newsletter so that it is perfect in major Canadian environments.

« We do it for you » method

We support your entire email marketing campaign from its main marketing idea to graphic design and multimedia integration, all with a multiplatform thinking from the beginning.

Jérémy Bergeron

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Get more details on newsletter optimization for multiplatform by contacting him now! He will be able to offer you innovative and creative solutions for your email marketing campaign.

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