Spring newsletter strategies

It's time for spring cleaning!


In this spirit of vitality, explore new ways to captivate your audience, clean up your mailing lists and recreate a user experience that will flourish all season long!

Embrace springtime, when the possibilities for communication multiply, by producing newsletters that will shine more than ever.

Newsletters are coming out of hibernation!

The first impression is crucial!

In both traditional and new media, January is generally a slow month for most communications professionals. A drop in newsletter traffic is also noted in inboxes. The pace of email communications gradually returns to normal until spring arrives, when newsletters return to their usual cruising speed.

Whether your newsletters have spent the last few months in hibernation or not, it’s time to activate your campaigns in these first days of spring – but not just in any old way! We’re entering a phase of renewal that calls for a reinvigoration of newsletters.

You have the opportunity to capture attention and breathe new life into your campaigns to reach an audience hungry for novelty. Your newsletters should reflect the energy of spring, evoking a feeling of freshness and optimism.

Adapt your newsletters to the new season

Spring is a season of change

After your hibernation of the first months of the year, your subscribers are thirsty for your news. Combine social networks with your newsletter strategies. These two media work great together. Post short versions of your events on your social networks and distribute the long version in your newsletters.

Any reason is a good one to hit “send”:

  • What are your new products?
  • What is your new program?
  • What is your vision for the new year?

Are you in a position where there are only so many ways to reinvent the wheel? Then it’s time for a good visual makeover.

Reinventing while keeping balance

Spring is the perfect season to rethink your newsletter graphics, or to launch a new visual identity campaign! Give your newsletters a facelift. An overhaul of your graphic template or visual layout is an excellent way to surprise your contacts!

What’s more, subscribers are more receptive to changes at this time of year. They are more inclined to clean out their inboxes, and the “unsubscribe” button is never far away. Reinventing yourself before they say “well, I’m tired of receiving these messages” is a great idea!

Maneuvering through opportunities

Strategically plan your mailings over time and think about your actions. Avoid unscheduled mailings by using an email marketing calendar, and improve your methods regarding email communications. Think long-term!

During spring, the calendar is full of events that are ideal for sending out newsletters. Of course, there’s Easter, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, but there are also other occasions in your community. Are the opening of terraces or the first outdoor shows not a good fit with your business model? Create your own marketing events and promote them!

Subscriber list cleaning is the heart of your data

Is a little update necessary?

When was the last time you updated your database?

Do not be afraid to clean up your database by removing addresses that don’t open your newsletters. If there’s no interest, there’s no point in pushing, and as the saying goes: one contact lost, ten found! Not only will your emailing costs be lower, but the spam filters will thank you for it.

Prioritize the subscribers who read your content by launching an automated re-engagement campaign and integrating a dynamic welcome email for your new contacts.

Re-engagement campaign

Welcome email

How to build a successful spring newsletter campaign?

There's magic in the air in Quebec!

It’s like Mother Nature is giving us a gift to unwrap, with the gradual return of warmth and regenerating flora. Your newsletter campaigns need to recreate this magic to be successful!

A total spring experience

Make the most of spring by improving the user experience throughout the conversion process.

Integrate the spring mood into:

By creating a complete spring universe, your subscribers will be more inclined to follow you towards your seasonal campaign objectives.

Seasonal colors in the spotlight

Leave winter colors behind and opt for seasonal colors, while preserving warmer colors for summer.

Complete the visual recipe with:

Need some inspiration? Go on a walk outside. Your newsletter should inspire a similar feeling.

Planning instead of improvising

Tidy up to your newsletter plan with a publication calendar that will guide you through the year.

The publication calendar allows you to:

An organized newsletter campaign has the potential to multiply your positive results when you move from mailings on the fly to thoughtful mailings.

Ways to stimulate your creativity

Keep industry professionals close

Are you running out of creativity for your newsletters, or simply out of ideas?

Turn to external resources to refresh your communication angles. Professionals in graphic design, marketing and communication strategies can be of great help!

Here are a few ideas to inspire you this spring:


Find inspiration in photos

Take a trip to Instagram and get inspired by spring photography.

Brainstorm what makes you think of spring. Come up with key words.

Pull out your newsletters sent this time last year and critique them.


Personify a “pool salesman”

The season is finally back, let’s impress people with seasonal images. We’re selling the dream.

Get straight to the point in your newsletters and avoid the surplus. A pool is for cooling off. That’s it!

The seasons have an impact on your marketing, even if you don’t sell pools.


Consult your data

Review your business plan and find data on your targets’ interests in the spring.

Identify key times for your mailings. The days are getting longer, we’ve changed the time.

Consult your newsletter opening statistics from last year and try to increase your rates.

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