How to write an email subject line?

How to make sure your marketing emails are read more often than they are deleted?


Planning a good relevant object line can make the difference between opening rates, acceptable clicks, and overall, the success of your email marketing campaign! You have an excellent product to be promoted to diverse audience? An offer among all the competition? Thus, you have an advantage. You hold the email addresses of your customers and some recipients even have subscribed themselves to get the latest information and promotion about your product trademark. Therefore, email becomes a great way to communicate with your audience.

The subject line of your marketing campaign is fondamental!

Each recipient interacts differently with their emails. Therefore, it’s essential to capture the maximum of interest with the subject line. If you talk to a corporate CEO, he or she may receive 200 emails a day. In there, there is a bit of spam and at the other end of the spectrum, a few emails from customers, colleagues and friends. Most marketing emails come in the middle – not spam, but not critical. So, how to get attention and not deleted?

You’ve spent a lot of time creating an offer, promoting it, writing about it, creating a newsletter, making sure it looks good on all platforms and even checking the deliverability. Only the subject line of your email remains, but you don’t really care about it. Big mistake! Don’t write your subject line at the last minute. Give it the time it deserves! It could change all the results of your email marketing campaign.

How can you write the perfect email subject line?

This is a question you need to ask yourself every time you send a marketing email campaign. Every day, billions of emails are sent around the world and yours is among them. How are you different? Nothing, except this SUPER CAPTIVANT EMAIL SUBJECT LINE that will ensure that the content will be opened!

Here are some tips for writing an excellent email subject line:

1. Always write a subject line

Not including a subject line is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. An email with no purpose may be deleted by email providers during bulk email campaign. If your message reaches the inbox, your recipient will be irritated since he must open the mail to find out what it is about. In short, it’s so important to write an email subject that the ADNETIS email marketing solution requires you to have an email subject line at the time of the final sending, in both languages so … let’s talk about something else.

2. Write the email subject line first

Set your newsletter tone right from the start during the creative process. This will avoid giving it low significance . Re-read it again and again by always asking yourself the same question: is it excellent?

3. Make it short

Go straight to the point! Use about 6 to 8 words. Be aware that a typical inbox reveals about 60 characters of the subject line, while a cellphone only shows 25 to 30 characters.

4. Put the most important words at the beginning

The goal of your campaign should always appear at the beginning of the email subject line. You will systematically capture the eye of your recipients with the “what about it” of your email. This will confirm the real interest of your recipients.

5. Get rid of unnecessary words

You have a restricted number of characters. Do not waste this valuable space with information that can be included in the body of the message.

6. Stay simple and focused

The subject line must communicate the essential of your email. Recipients will be able to prioritize the importance of your email without having to open it and it is precisely this knowledge that will lead to a higher opening rate.

7. Use logic keywords for futher search

Most professionals have filters and folders to manage their emails. It’s important to include keywords related to the subject of the email that will ease a future consultation.

8. Set a deadline

Recipients want to know if they can afford to wait before responding to your offer. Adding a deadline in the email subject line is an excellent strategy to fuel the opening rate.

9. If someone referred you, use their name

If so, immediately draw the attention of a mutual acquaintance directly into the subject of the email.

10. Customize your subject line with the recipient's name

If you were thinking about adding your recipient name or company name in your newsletter, the subject line might be the best place to capture the attention.

11. Reread yourself

Don’t make language mistakes or typing errors in the subject of your email. Remember that this sets the tone of your email so the credibility of your business.

12. Do not capitalize all letters.

You will attract the attention of the recipients, but also the anti-spam filters. Capitalizing sentences is like shouting. You don’t want to scream at your potential customers! Do you?

13. Avoid punctuation marks

You don’t have to put exclamation points at the end of your subject line. If this is the case, it’s because your email subject lacks precision. Instead, make a review.

14. Avoid « spam words »

Some keywords are to be avoided in your emails, especially in email subject. Just think about “Discount” – “Promotion” – “Drugs”. You greatly increase the chances of your emails being downgraded by spam filters.

15. Don't put the name of your company

Remember that your email is identified on your behalf. There is no point in doubling the information.

While these tips and best practices are an excellent starting point, what works best for some companies may not work as well for others. It’s about figuring out what works best for your specific audience. This is where the A / B test comes in!

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