2024 state of email

The future of newsletters is now!


The new year is the perfect opportunity to reflect on our medium of choice. Short on time to stay ahead of the email curve? Update your knowledge with our guide containing everything you need to know about this branch of marketing in 2024.

Will you get out of the “that’s how we’ve always done it” mindset this year?

A changing newsletter landscape

A fusion of cutting-edge technologies and innovative trends is shaking up the world of email marketing. Radical change is on the horizon for companies that give this medium the importance it deserves, transforming the simple act of reading an email into an interactive, personalized experience.

More than a means of communication, newsletters are becoming a dynamic tool where artificial intelligence, authenticity and empathy create a unique medium.

In this new universe, every newsletter becomes an opportunity for engagement, propelling email to new heights of relevance and inclusivity. Hold on to your hats, because innovation in email is only getting started!

Our vision for newsletters in 2024

The future of email in 2024 looks bright: personalized experiences, interactivity and seamless integration. Between advances in artificial intelligence and other new features, we will be able to make email more attractive than ever. In 2024, we will be moving from ordinary newsletters to personalized ones!

How to do modern email marketing:

Combining AI and expertise:

AI can shorten production time for tasks such as content creation. But human expertise remains irreplaceable, especially for newsletter integration and personalization.

Authentification :

Expert assistance and a secure emailing platform are necessary to counter spammers by sending authenticated newsletters.

Automation :

Many stages of a campaign, such as list segmentation or sending emails triggered by specific actions, are more effective if automated.

The media crisis and its impacts on email

Many communication channels faced challenges in 2023. However, email has emerged unscathed. This resilience is explained by the fact that newsletters have all the attributes needed to grow by accompanying all types of media in their adaptation to change.

What role do newsletters play in the media crisis:

Traditional media:

Staff cutbacks and some newspapers ending print editions prove that every dollar counts. The unbeatable email RETURN of $36 earned per $1 spent in 20231 has great potential for local media.

The Online News Act:

Causing the removal of news from Meta platforms in August 2023, it highlights the need to convert subscribers to a RELIABLE medium like email.

The TikTok saga:

We now know that the platforms that store our data and their algorithms pose a risk to users. The SECURITY of email makes it a golden alternative to social networks for certain needs.

New rules and features you need to know

When 41% of marketers say that email is their most effective marketing channel (followed by social networks and paid search, at 16% each), many participants are going to want their piece of the pie.1 Lots of innovation follows, so don’t blink or you’ll miss something.

What you need to know in 2024:

Gmail and Yahoo requirements:

Starting in February 2024, they will force SPF, DKIM and DMARC authentication, a spam rate under 0.10% and clear one-click unsubscription. Make sure your newsletter provider takes the necessary measures.

Gmail’s “Unsubscribe” button:

Since December 2023, an additional unsubscription link appears next to your sender name. This new feature is to be celebrated, as it will enable you to maintain a qualitative contact list.

Microsoft Outlook’s AI dictation tool:

The ability to write emails using voice commands makes for a smoother, more intuitive user experience.

The techniques to put in place

One of the worst enemies of email is inertia. If you find your recipe and follow it year after year, you will eventually hit a wall. To counter this risk, you need to put proven or innovative methods into action.

What ingredients to add to the recipe:

The publication calendar:

It optimizes interactions with contacts while avoiding saturation. If necessary, consult experts for decisions such as frequency and duration of the calendar or adjustments to busy periods.

Authenticity and empathy

Senders should strive to create content that resonates with their audience. This attention to detail is what will separate them from apps that write complete newsletters from scratch.


Creating newsletters that are accessible to all, regardless of physical or sensory ability, is a growing priority. Demonstrate leadership in this area which has not yet been mastered by 99.9% of the industry,2 but whose future applications are limitless.

Advice: work with experts

As the newsletter ecosystem grows more complex by the day, working with email marketing experts is essential. Experienced professionals are a sure bet to get assistance while navigating through the changes in the field.

How experts can revolutionize your mailings:

Personalized newsletters:

It does not take much effort to find a newsletter template and copy your logo and text into it. But the results will be as good as the skills required… doing a Google search. The personalized newsletter offers all the technical necessities of a template, integrated into an email tailored to your brand.

Mobile and cross-platform optimization:

Creating a newsletter is just the beginning. Once you’ve got the final result, you must ensure it looks good everywhere. You have two choices: hours of testing or experts who optimize the task.

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