Email outperforms social media, paid search for ROI

One-size-fits-all email newsletters continue to be the backbone of marketers' email efforts

Newsletters were the most common type of marketing email sent by US email marketers in the first half of 2016, according to July research by software and professional services firm Clutch. Better return on investment (ROI) looks to be the reason why.

Approximately four-fifths (83%) of the US email marketers Clutch polled sent newsletters as marketing emails, making it respondents’ most widely used email marketing tactic. Other approaches to email marketing, such as standalone emails and lead nurturing messages, were close behind, used by 79% and 71% of respondents, respectively.

In general, email continues to be the most cost-effective choice when measured up against other digital marketing tactics. Email had a median ROI of 122%, according to US marketers polled June 2016 by the Data & Marketing Association and Demand Metric. Email’s ROI was well above those for digital marketing approaches like social media and paid search, the study found.

Small- and medium-sized (SMB) retail businesses are especially drawn to email marketing. A March 2016 study by WBR Digital and emarsys, found four-fifths of the US SMB retail professionals believed email helped contribute to both customer acquisition and retention—well above the percentages of respondents who said the same of other digital tactics

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