Email marketing is a double win for customer acquisition, retention

For both objectives, email is way ahead of other tactics

For most small- and medium-sized retailers in the US, email marketing is tops when it comes to both customer acquisition and retention. According to research, four-fifths of these professionals said email helps contribute to this outcome.

In February and March 2016, content and demand generation services provider WBR Digital and emarketing marketing automation service provider emarsys surveyed 254 retail professionals in the US at companies with annual revenues under $100 million.

According to the data, 81% and 80% of respondents, respectively, said email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention. Email’s usefulness was followed by that of other digital tactics like organic search at 62% for acquisition and social media at 44% for retention—both rated effective by far fewer respondents than chose email.

A solid reason why could be that more and more marketers are pushing more personalization toward their email campaigns, making them more tailored to customer needs. In a separate May 2016 study from Evergage and Researchscape, well over half of respondents across industries said they are personalizing email.

Marketing technology may be playing a critical role too for email campaigns. For advertisers, email marketing is a priority ask on their software must-have lists. In a separate study from US-based email marketing firm dotmailer, 88% of marketers worldwide said they used email marketing-focused software.

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