The graphic design for your emails is essential



From the drawing board, to the layout of your message, a clean visual will make a real difference in your campaign’ performances. Making a good use of a professional designer is highly recommended, especially if you aim high for your email marketing campaigns.

A better graphic design is an extra string in your bow!

A picture is worth a thousand words! In marketing and more specifically in advertising, it all makes sense! In an email, as in other advertising supports, the graphics design can make the difference in a purchase decision. It’s simple, your message must be embedded in a clear visual that adequately conveys the objectives of your campaign.

You thought about a promotion and put the effort into it. You wrote everything down and carefully planned your resources into upcoming customers. While doing this, you haven’t counted all the hours necessary for this achievement, but one thing is sure… your message must attract your subscriber’s eyes to reach your marketing goals. Your content is perfect. Make sure the container is of equivalent quality. The appearance of your newsletters is crucial to get conversions toward your objectives.

Setting up a good campaign ain’t that easy. There are professional graphic designer for newspaper, television… and it’s the same for email!

Take advantage of a graphic designer

A graphic designer is purely an expert in visual communication. He uses and manipulates special software design to put the marketing goals in images. Some companies are reluctant to work with a graphic designer, since they think that professional visual communications are reserved for big brands. However, the graphic designer remains the essence of effective communications, as he can improve the visual image or design visuals for the benefit of the marketing goal.

Here are 7 good reasons to work with a graphic designer:

As part of newsletter creation, a graphic designer is a significant advantage, especially if he is well versed in terms of technical constraints specific to email inboxes. He will be able to transform your images into a real masterpiece so that they are in perfect harmony with your entire newsletter.

The quality of your images will make a difference

If you’re not a non-profit organization, your subscribers will have high expectations in terms of the visual quality of your newsletters, and they’ll most likely look at the pictures in it to decide if they think your brand looks professional or not. They must be in perfect agreement with the size of their screens and contain visuals that won’t be foreign to the rest of the information contained in the email. In short, the images you use must all fit  together if you want to make the most of your email campaign!

A graphic designer will be able to make a bunch of graphic improvements to your creations such as:

  • Adjust your photos (luminosity, contrasts, background, etc.)
  • Graphic effects in your pictures.
  • Reframing elements and moving undesired visual objects.
  • Harmonization of visual elements.
  • Creation of general graphic templates.

In other words, a graphic designer has the ability to transform your images into visual masterpieces as the example below shows:



Let your imagination speak

Be engaged when you create your newsletters. By doing so, you’ll increase your subscribers’ interest in consulting your newsletters. Think outside the box and give your ideas to a graphic designer. He’ll be able to put together what you have in mind, but mostly … he’ll have the ability to create a newsletter that your customers will appreciate. In short, he’ll combine your tastes with those of your target market while having in mind the objectives of your campaign.

Making your newsletter dynamic is essential. It doesn’t have to move in all directions to attract the attention of your subscribers, but it must be somewhat attractive. Imagine that all titles, subtitles and images in this article looks the same! You wouldn’t even have read three lines before going back browsing the web looking for more dynamic information. That’s why you need to diversify the look of your content, to assure you don’t fall into redundancy.

Using graphic templates

A graphic designer has the knowledge to take your newsletter from regular to extraordinary. The layout of the textual and visual elements is essential for you to communicate in the best way possible, especially if your message contains a multitude of information. Using a graphic template will give your content a visual that your subscribers will find appealing while providing some visual cues, which will make them more loyal in the long run, since they’ll create habits of consumption.

In the example below, our graphic designers have repackaged the graphic template so that the information is well positioned according to the different topics. Subscribers now receive visually striking newsletters that are much more organized.



Creating a graphic template will allow you to create your own newsletters while preserving your visual identity. We invite you to request the services of our graphic designers to optimize the general look of your newsletter by using a quality graphic template. Or, if you prefer, we can create a couple of graphic templates for you right from the start, so that you only have to worry about what content to fill them with, not their appearance.

What are the golden rules ?

When talking about graphic conception, there’s certain golden rules to follow.

The size:

The size of images is fundamental in a newsletter. If you use an image that’s too big, downloading it will take a very long time and a weak internet connection could prevent it from being displayed.

If there’s text in a horizontal image, it won’t be visible on mobile phone. Instead, it would be recommended to opt for square images for mobile optimization.

Also, opt for high color images and avoid using dark ones. The brightness of computer screens varies from one to another so the message contained in your newsletter may be unclear on certain devices if your images are too dark. This is particularly true for smartphones, on which users significantly reduce brightness to preserve the battery or for night reading.

The ADNETIS newsletter creation system automatically adjusts your images size to the space of your editing areas, but most of the time, cropping your images will still be necessary to make them look good. Know in advance the size of your pictures and create images adapted to the space you have for an optimal visual result.

The amount:

You have a banner as your header followed by a text of 200 words, that’s good! But if your email contains multiple topics totaling more than 1000 words, use one image per topic and avoid putting everything in one basket.

Keep in mind that each image is one more download. Inserting too many may have an impact on the deliverability of your emails. Preserve the necessary for a good overall visibility in your email and redirect your subscribers to a web page containing the complete information. In short, the newsletter must be a teaser attracting viewers towards your marketing objectives.


Knowing your customers is a clear advantage in marketing. If you know their interests, you’ll be able to send them images adapted to their needs and optimally, to offer them products and services presented through images personalized to their wishes.


Do you sell animal products? Show a dog to those who have a dog and a cat to those who have a cat! You’ll get more attention from your subscribers if you know their interests!


ADNETIS’s newsletter creation system has a “Preview” tool allowing you to view the rendering of your creations in “Desktop” and “Mobile”. Use this tool a lot when creating your newsletters!

Let's work together

ADNETIS offers you three (3) working methods to help you with the visual creation of your newsletters. These adapt perfectly to your needs in order to guarantee an optimal graphic design for your newsletters.

Our designers aren’t ordinary graphic designers. They’re specially trained to create newsletters and know all the technical constraints surrounding this area. Using a graphic designer specialized in dynamic newsletters creation is a real benefit for your communications through emails.
"Do it yourself" method

Do you use our solution in “self-service” mode? Create your own newsletters but let our graphic designers help you optimize your images for optimal visual quality. Can’t properly frame an image? We’re here! You need ideas for a section of your newsletter, we’re here! In short, you’ll be surprised by the creativity of our team of designers and will be able to reuse the concepts they propose for your newsletters in the future.

"Do it with us" method

You know exactly what you want to convey, but you’re missing time to create a catchy concept? Create your newsletters without worrying about the visual rendering by using our graphic designers. They’ll improve the look of your newsletters while respecting your ideas and may even introduce you to new marketing techniques.

"We do it for you" method

We support your entire email marketing campaign from ideation to graphic design, while performing a multimedia integration of the highest quality.

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