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Spam words, words to avoid in your emails

Spam filters rely on a multitude of variables to classify messages in the inboxes of their users. Among these, the filters analyze the content of emails in search of words commonly used by spammers. This is the simplest method of identifying potential spam!

It is unlikely that you will use these words, but if the words “VIAGRA” or “sexy woman” are found in your newsletters, we guarantee that you will end your race in the spam and even, will not be delivered at all! But hey, you understand the concept!

General concept of spam filters

Email providers (Gmail, Yahoo !, Videotron, Etc.) mission is to provide an environment that is not polluted by hundreds of unwanted emails. The reason is obvious! Users will abandon their inboxes if the majority of emails received are unwelcome. As a result, service providers have anti-spam filters to counter this problem

If you are new to email marketing, you should know that the delivery of your newsletters is not guaranteed. While your campaigns will leave our facilities to each of your recipients, spam filters may intercept delivery..

If you’re a fan of email marketing, you’re probably becoming more aware of the complexity of good deliverability. You know that filters are continually evolving and that having an expert in deliverability optimization might be a good idea!

Spam score, what's that?

Filters use a variety of variables to classify messages in inboxes. These variables constitute the scorecard. The quality of the HTML contained in your newsletters, the previous experience of your recipients, your sender’s name, the reputation of your IP and sending server (we take care of this part) are just some of these variables. If you get +1 in the first panel, but -2 in the other, it’s likely that your email will not be delivered.

Spam words, an identifying variable

The influence of the spam words in the deliverability spectrum is present. How much do spam words have an impact? This is questionable, but we think it is better to be cautious, especially if you consider that service providers do not use the same filters and that they are updated frequently.

If your content is original, your mailing lists are well maintained, your HTML code is clean, you will probably have nothing to fear. However, if you want to be cautious, there are spam words to avoid pronouncing in your newsletters!

Here is the list of spam words to avoid in your newsletters :

Do you use a spam word in your newsletter? Breathe through your nose! We don’t say that you will end up directly into the spam folder. The filters also analyze the context of your newsletters, the frequency of the words as well as its location in the global text.

Spammers have not learned the lesson yet. Repetition (skull stuffing), bold keywords (exaggerated word size that contains a spam word) and misspellings are commonplace in their spam texts, so easily identifiable by artificial intelligence. You should be fine anyway, but sometimes… we do things without knowing the impact of our actions. Considering that email marketing is becoming more complex, it’s once again better to be cautious.

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