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We recently revised our methods of communication with our customers to provide them with rich information about their email marketing campaigns. From now on, they will receive a report showing the results of their newsletters, which includes several new features.

Previously, we have been sending customer’s newsletter summary in an archaic way. This informational email was sent when they achieved a certain percentage of success. Specifically, as soon as their opening rates jumped five percent (5%). Its purpose was to show them the performance of their campaign without having to log on to the email marketing software. Aware that this summary was mainly a congrat card, we wanted to enrich their experience.

Here is the new summary results repport

From now on, you will receive a summary showing your results for your last email marketing campaign within seven (7) days of your initial sending. Why this delay? The average life of an email marketing campaign is usually 7 days. After this time, your results will not improve significantly anymore.

Inside your weekly summary, we’ll show you some performance metrics such as the overall open rate, the number of emails address you have reach, and the number of open emails. In short, your main performance indicators are displayed!

Helping you improving the management of your consents

As you know, sending mass marketing emails comes with managing the consents of your subscribers if they are located in Canada. If you have not done so already, your company must comply with the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL) regulated by the CRTC.

In addition to the summary performance report, you will now also receive all summary information regarding the management of your consents. Fragmented by type, the purpose of posting your consents is to view the progress of your Express consents while issuing an alert for Implied consents that will expire within the next thirty (30) days.

A reminder of the Canadian Anti-Spam Law?


You have expressly obtained the consent of your subscribers. They have confirmed their willingness to receive your newsletters by email through an attestation of which you retain the proof. It can be a paper proof or even a subscription on your website.

Be aware that a message request will be shown automatically every time you send an email to implied recipient with our email marketing software.


Whether it’s a prospect or a customer, you can send them marketing emails. However, keep in mind that you have not obtained their express permission. You can send them informative email, but only for a certain time. In short, an expiry date must be applied for each of the undefined recipients.

A person asks you for information about your products and services without making a purchase. You can contact them for a period of six (6) months following their initial request.

Any customer who has made a purchase may be considered an implied consent for twenty-four (24) months in order to be converted to express consent.

Note: Among the undefined consents, there are also exceptions like a person who gives you his business card. It will be possible to send him emails under certain conditions but with no limit in time.

Not defined:

If your database contains undefined consents, your company does not comply with Canadian law. You must apply an expiry date to each of your undefined recipients. Contact us immediately to undertake various compliance strategies. We have solutions!

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