(source : eMarketer.com)

Some 19.9% of respondents use both responsive templates and fluid hybrid design.

Email marketing trends, like fluid hybrid design, are emerging. However, most marketing professionals still use responsive email templates, according to November 2015 research.

Email on Acid surveyed 3,500 US marketing professionals worldwide and asked them if they use a fluid hybrid design or responsive email templates.

Fluid hybrid design, a new email marketing trend, reduces the reliance on the media queries typically required for responsive templates to help the email vendor faster and more consistently across different email clients. Only 7.9% of marketing professionals said they use fluid hybrid design. Many still just use responsive templates, indeed 56.9% of respondents said they do. Nearly 20% of marketing professionals said they use both.

The survey also found that 15.2% of marketing professionals said they used neither responsive templates, nor a fluid hybrid design.

Overall, fluid hybrid design is one of the leading email marketing trends for 2016, according to 19.4% of marketing professionals. Interactive features are another leading trend, 28.4% of respondents said so. And, 19.4% of marketing professionals said contextual relevance was.