About our email marketing software

The first version of our email marketing software has been developed in 2002. Since its creation, our team of experts in computer science, Internet marketing and sales are constantly working to evolve our emailing solution.

We pay particular attention to the evolution of the technology to adapt to the changing behavior of users (social networks, mobile internet ...).

Our guideline has always been improving the email marketing software to make it the ideal sales tool based on the marketing support that demonstrated the greatest efficiency: the email.



The email marketing service is an excellent marketing strategy that allows you to retain your current customers, generate traffic to your corporate website, increase the quality of your customer service and promote your products / services. It is a great tool to learn about the interests of your clients centers to better communicate with them and therefore sell better. To learn more ...


Self service mode

Our email marketing software is the solution of choice for your email marketing campaigns. Tailored to your industry this tool allows you to manage and produce yourself your emails while collecting vital information to the development of your customer relationship.


Our software is a tool to generate income. That is why we invite you now to create your free account and discover it by yourself.